Everyone laughed…

when I said I was starting Sandhill Designs on April First.

No foolin’, I’m still at it eighteen years later.

Over the last 18 years, I’ve had the joy of building hundreds of pieces of furniture for so many wonderful people, several who have come back for more.

From the early days working in the two-car garage in Morrisonville with my feline helpers FizzGig and WhyLee keeping me company. Finishing furniture in the living room, the office and showroom in the dining room and people asking what was cooking in the kitchen.

Despite the looming world collapse of Y2K, we made the move to Fort Atkinson and the wonderful shop I now thrive in with Major Woodrow as my companion. Here I have a real showroom for you to come visit.

Today I have the joy of announcing the redesigned, rebuilt, reinvented, release of the Sandhill Designs web site.

It has a wonderful gallery of photos, the most current listing of art fairs I will be participating in and this little blog I’m calling “ShopBuzz”. I will be featuring photos of current projects and other tidbits of shop news. I hope you will bookmark this page and check in often.

Now, please, go peruse the galleries and let me know what I can make for you.

Sandhill Bill

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