New Location, New Direction

While living in Wisconsin my work was heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie Style. I thought in the move to Western New York that I might be more influenced by the Roycroft style that has its roots, in East Aurora.

Three years later, color me surprised! Not only have I not moved toward the Roycroft style, I have gone in a completely unexpected direction. For the last year I have been exploring the world of big slabs and epoxy resin.

Wendy and I are coming together for our first ever, collaborative art show. “Current” is an exploration of the various rivers and their influences in our lives from the Little Sioux in Spencer, Iowa to Canadaway and Kiantone Creeks here in Chautauqua County.

I hope you will visit the Octagon Gallery in Westfield, New York sometime between April 20 and June 1 to see Wendy’s charcoal drawings and cut paper sculptures along with the river themed furniture I have been working on.

Join us for opening night on April 20 between 7and 9pm for conversation and refreshments.

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