Hiking with Jack


Several years ago we took our Poodles on a Great American Road Trip to the southwest. This included Canyon DeChelly, the Grand Canyon and a trip to Sedona.

It was an 80-degree October day in Oak Creek Canyon and Jack wanted to play in the creek. He was delighted when I waded in with him. (The benefit of wearing Crocs) Victor doesn’t like getting his paws wet if he doesn’t have to and gladly stays on dry land with Wendy in her proper hiking footwear.

Since then Jack and I have made splashing in the water part of our hiking routine. His local favorite, Hatch Run is only a couple miles away and he starts pulling the leash as soon as he realizes where we are. All of this time wading with Jack has given me a closer look at the way water flows over the rocks and stones, which has inspired my latest group of river themed furniture.

CURRENT is a joint show of my newest furniture along with Wendy’s charcoal drawings and cut paper sculptures inspired by the waterways of our lives. The show runs from April 20 to June 1 at the Octagon Gallery in the Patterson Library and can be seen during normal library hours.

Please join Wendy and me for the opening night of CURRENT April 20 from 7 to 9 pm at the Octagon Gallery Westfield, New York

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